Lieutenant General Takashi Takamori/鷹森孝陸軍中将

Lieutenant-General Takamori, Takashi/鷹森 孝; January 9, 1888; April 27, 1968/ was the fourth son of Tsu Mayor Sataro Kurokawa and the adopted son of Army Major Takeo Takamori. He studied at Nagoya Army Regional Infant School and Central Infant School. In May 1908, he graduated from the 20th batch of the Japanese Army Sergeant School. In December 1908, he served as an infantry second lieutenant in the 51st Infantry Company. He has successively served as captain of the 51st Infantry Company, captain of the 75th Infantry Company, adjutant of the 19th Division, deputy of the 3rd Guards Infantry Company, general officer attached to Toshima Normal School, deputy of the 68th Infantry Company, deputy of the 3rd Independent Guard Infantry Battalion. In August 1936, he was promoted to Army Colonel and became captain of the 3rd Independent Garrison Infantry Battalion. In August 1937, he participated in the Sino-Japanese War as the captain of the 68th Infantry Company, and participated in the Battle of Nanjing and the Battle of Xuzhou. He was promoted to Army Major General in March 1939. In March 1940, he served as the captain of the Hunchun garrison. In October 1941, he was promoted to Army Lieutenant General.​


1936-08-01 Colonel
1939-03-09 Major-General
1941-10-15 Lieutenant-General


1933-11-01 – 1937-08-02 Commanding Officer 3rd Independent Garrison Battalion
1937-08-02 – 1938-07-15 Commanding 68th Infantry Regiment
1938-07-15 – 1940-03-09 Commanding Officer Cadets, Military Preparatory School
1940-03-09 – 1940-10-15 Commanding Officer Hunchun Garrison [Korea]
1941-10-15 – 1945-04-07 General Officer Commanding 11th Division [China]
1945-04-07 – 1945-09-XX General Officer Commanding 12th Army [China]
1946-07-XX Retired

Takashi Takemori's 2nd class Sacred Treasure order certificate

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