General Kunishige Tanaka/田中国重 陸軍大将

Tanaka Kunishige /田中国重/ (January 18, 1870 - February 19, 1941) was born in Satsuma Province. He graduated from the Army War College (4th class) in July 1893.

Between 1922 and 1928.

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07.03.1894 Lieutenant
22.04.1895 Lieutenant
17.03.1898 Captain
10.03.1904 Major
01.04.1909 Lieutenant Colonel
22.08.1913 Colonel
24.07.1918 Generalmajor
15.08.1922 Lieutenant General
10.08.1928 General

Military Career.

07.03.1894-18.08.1895 Cavalry Guards Battalion
18.08.1895-05.11.1896 Adjutant, Cavalry Guards Battalion
05.11.1896-28.12.1896 6th Cavalry Regiment
28.12.1896-18.01.1898 Cavalry Instructor, Army School
18.01.1898-17.03.1898 6th Cavalry Regiment
10.10.1898-03.06.1901 10th Cavalry Regiment, Chief of Staff
03.06.1901-18.02.1902 Assigned to the General Staff
18.02.1902-12.03.1904 Assigned to the 2nd Office (intelligence) of the Office of the Imperial Army General Staff
27.11.1902-12.03.1904 Instructor, Army Cavalry School
12.03.1904-20.06.1904 Assigned to the Imperial Headquarters
20.06.1904-DD.06.1905 Communications Staff Officer Manchuria Army
DD.06.1905-08.02.1906 Chief of Staff of the 4th Reserve Mixed Brigade
08.02.1906-01.10.1910 Military Attaché in the US
01.10.1910-22.08.1913 Assigned to the General Staff
27.10.1910-22.08.1913 Instructor of Military Sciences, Army War College
22.08.1913-22.08.1913 Commander of the 16th Cavalry Regiment
22.08.1913-09.01.1917 Military Chancellor and Officer for the Upper House
09.01.1917-25.07.1919 Military Attaché in the UK
25.07.1919-08.02.1922 Chief of the 2nd office (intelligence) Office of the Imperial Army General Staff
08.02.1922-15.08. 1922 Commander of the 3rd Cavalry Brigade
15.08.1922-01.05.1925 Commander of the 15th Division
01.05.1925-28.07.1926 Commander of the Guards Division
28.07.1926-10.08.1928 Commander of the Taiwanese Army
10.08.1928-01.08.1929 Military Chancellor
31.08.1929-01.04.1939 Reserve
01.04.1939- Retirement

Among others awards he is wearing Royal Victorian Order Knigh Commander Breast Star.

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The last medal in his bar is unofficial american (?) WW1 victory medal.

General  Kunishige Tanaka 田中国重 陸軍大将.jpg
Japanese Delegation arrived at the Washington Conference on October 24th, 1921.
Left to right: Robert Woods Bliss, Baron Kijūrō Shidehara, Admiral Coontz, Admiral Kanji Kato, General Kunishige Tanaka, General Brewster.




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