Fall of Tsingtao Triumphant Return Commemorative Watch Fob/大正三年青島陥落凱旋記念章

Size 21.5 mm.

大正三年青島陥落 記念メダル.jpg

Fall of Tsingtao Badge.jpg


凱旋 - Triumphant Return


大正三年 - 1914

八月二十三日正午 - Noon of August 23rd

日獨國交断絶 - Severance of Diplomatic Relations Between Japan and Germany

十一月七日午前 - Morning of November 7th

青島陥落 - Fall of Tsingtao
Another example.

Size 21.4 mm.
Weight 4.5 g.

Now it is obvious that originally laurel wreath was originally enameled.

大正三年 凱旋記念メダル.jpg
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