Fake Kenpeitai Badges

Funny creature.


Obverse reads 憲兵隊 - Kenpeitai.

Reverse bears .

Cope of famous Shobido /尚美堂 / workshop mak https://asiamedals.info/threads/orders-of-sacred-treasure-with-mark-made-by-shobido-workshop.26088/

Ok, what is this?

Obviously this is a phantasy badge.

"On the first day" it looked like this.

Fake Kenpeitai Badge.jpg

Fake  Kenpeitai Badge.jpg

Criminal hands simply erased

©1986 Trebor Regew

and number 62.

But what's (or who`s) behind this "Trebor Regew"?
A man known as Robert A. Weger B. A. ("Trebor Regew" is a simple anagram with inverse order of letters).
Back in the 1980s his company Trebor Regew created a whole family of such creatures.
A couple of examples.


33.jpg 34.jpg

Trebor Regew even published a 42 pages brochure.
Naturally the author was Robert A. Weger.

Fake with "original case".

Fake  Kenpeitai Badge.jpg
Fake Kenpeitai Badge.jpg
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