2nd Imperial Japanese Navy 1940 Sumo Tournament Watch Fob/紀元二千六百年第二回帝国海軍軍人全日本季生対抗相撲大会記念章

Sumo watch fob with gunbai.jpg


- Force, Power

Inside gunbai (umpire's fan in sumo wrestling) 天下泰平 /Tenka taihei/ - Peace and Tranquillity, Halcyon Times of Peace, Peaceful World


第二回 - 2nd

帝國海軍軍人 - Imperial Japanese Navy

全日本季生対抗 - All-Japan Seasonal Competition

相撲大會 - Sumo Tournament

紀元二千六百年 - 1940

Sumo watch fob  with gunbai.jpg
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