1933 Manchurian Exposition Held in Dalian City Opening Ceremony Commemorative Medal/満洲大博覧会 大連市開催 開会式記念章

満洲大博覧会 大連市開催 開会式記念章.jpg

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大連市催 - Held in Dalian

満洲大博覧会 - Manchurian Exposition

開会式記念 - Opening Ceremony Commemoration




- Expo

昭和八年七月二十三日 - July 23, 1933

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“Scores of thousands of people are expected to pass the turnstiles of the Great Manchurian Exposition which opens in Dairen on July 23rd and lasts for slightly more than a month.

“… Dairen is expected to attract the greatest summer population in its history, as in addition to the many thousands due for the exposition, there will be an exceptionally large number of holiday and vacation residents. Heavy demands are being made on the city and district housing facilities.

“A large, diversified and comprehensive exposition will be staged on approximately 250 acres of a gently sloping land between Dairen and Hoshigaura, from July 23 to August 31. Already ¥750,000 has been assured to the fair management through a Kwangtung Government grant and other subsidies. Rent of show space and the sale of tickets many double the amount. The monetary and other resources are deemed ample for the biggest, most representative fair ever held in Manchuria.”​

– The Manchuria Daily News Monthly Supplement, July 1,1933​

Great Manchurian Exposition 1933..jpg
Great Manchurian Exposition 1933.jpg
Let's take a peek at this 1933 Expo.

大連市催 満洲大博覧会絵葉書.jpg

大連市催 満洲大博覧会絵葉書..jpg

大連市催 満洲大博覧会絵葉書 ...jpg

大連市催 満洲大博覧会絵葉書 ..jpg

大連市催 満洲大博覧会絵葉書  ..jpg

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大連市催 満洲大博覧会絵葉書 -.jpg
Another set of commemorative postcards.

Leaflet /博覧強記 満洲大博覧会/.

風薫る大連と満洲大博覧会』 非売品 昭和8年、大同2年 大連刊.jpg
Exposition was held between July 23, 1933 and August 31, 1933.

Manchukuo Exposition 1933.jpg
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