звезда ордена александра невского частник

  1. Order of Saint Alexander Nevsky reduced breast star made by Ivan Osipov workshop /ИО/

    Silver, gold, enamel. Size 65.5 mm. Reverse marked with maker`s mark "ИО" for Ivan Vasilievich Osipov workshop /Иван Васильевич Осипов/ and scratch-engraved with the name "Aleksandrov".
  2. Privately Commissioned Order of Saint Alexander Nevsky Breast Stars made by Unidentified Workshops

    Silver, gold, gilding, enamel. Size 72.4 × 73.1 mm. Weight 46.35 g. Unmarked. Same breast star under different light.
  3. Order of St. Alexander Nevsky Breast Star of Francesco II, King of the two Sicilies

    Silver, gold, enamel. Size 85 mm.