tamaya workshop

  1. 1930 Berlin-Tokyo Japan-Germany Friendly Alliance Flight Commemorative Table Medal/昭和五年八月伯林東京間日獨親善歐亞聯絡飛行記念章

    Reverse 伯林東京間 - Berlin-Tokyo 日獨親善歐亞聯絡飛行 - Japan-Germany Friendly Alliance Flight [Longdistance flight undertaken by Japanese 25-year-old pilot Seiji Yoshihara. Flying a Junkers-A 50 Junior monoplane, he had covered the 7,086 miles (11,404km) from Berlin to Tokyo in 79hr 58min flying time. He...
  2. 1904-05 War Campaign Army Triumphal Return Commemorative Silver Bonbonnieres

    Bonbonnieres made by Tamaya workshop (about Tamaya workshop https://asiamedals.info/threads/badges-watch-fobs-and-medals-manufactured-by-tamaya.26703/) 明治卅七八年戦役 - 1904-05 War Campaign 陸軍凱旋記念 - Army Triumphal Return Commemorative Marked 玉屋製 - Made by Tamaya and 純銀 - pure silver
  3. Manchuria Academic Research Group Badge/満蒙学術調査研究団章

    Size 21 mm. 満蒙學術調査研究團 - Manchuria Academic Research Group Marked 純銀 - pure silver and Tamaya workshop mark 玉 https://asiamedals.info/threads/badges-watch-fobs-and-medals-manufactured-by-tamaya.26703/
  4. Badges, watch fobs and medals manufactured by Tamaya/東京玉屋銀座

    Workshop from Ginza, Tokyo. Active during 1890s-1930s time period. Standard workshop label. 玉屋 - Tamaya 銀座 - Ginza In the center 玉 for Tamaya. Workshop also used 玉 as its mark. Extended marks 玉屋製 - Made by Tamaya.