showa enthronement watch fob

  1. Commemorative Watch Fob in Recognition of Hwanghae Province Police Service During Showa Emperor Enthronement/昭和三年御大禮黃海道慰勞記念章

    Specimen from the collection of Don Pfeifer. Obverse 御大禮記念 - Enthronement Commemorative Police emblem between two Fènghuáng mythological birds (symbol of the imperial house that represented "fire, the sun, justice, obedience, and fidelity"). 昭和三年 - 1928 reverse 慰勞 - Recognition of...
  2. Kawagoe Clock Commerce and Industry Association Showa Enthronement Watch Fob/川越時計商工合組 御大典記念章

    Obverse marked 純銀 - pure silver. Reverse 御大典記念 - Emperor Enthronement Commemorative 昭和三年十一月 - November 1928 Thanks to original case we know the name of issuer. 川越時計商工合組 - Kawagoe Clock Commerce and Industry Association