showa enthronement commemorative badge

  1. 1928 Great Japan Sericulture Association Showa Enthronement Commemorative Watch Fob/昭和三年大日本蠶絲会御大典記念記念品章

    1st variation /made by Lion Medal Company/. Size 25 mm. Reverse 御大典記念 - Enthronement Commemorative 昭和三年 - 1928 大日本蠶絲會 - Great Japan Sericulture /Silk/ Association Original case. 記念品 - Souvenir 大日本蠶絲會 - Great Japan Sericulture Association Stamp of Lion Medal Company...
  2. 1928 Showa Enthronement Kyoto City Administrative Staff Badge/昭和三年京都府大禮事務関係員章

    Reverse 昭和三年 - 1928 大禮事務関係員章 - Enthronement Administrative Staff Badge 京都府 - Kyoto Marked 鈴木 - Suzuki Gold hallmark K14. Original case. Reverse 昭和三年 - 1928 大禮事務関係員章 - Enthronement Administrative Staff Badge 京都府 - Kyoto Label of Suzuki workshop /Imperial Medal Works/.
  3. 5th Field Artillery Regiment 1928 Enthronement Commemorative Watch Fob/昭和三年十一月於野砲兵第五連隊御大典記念章

    Reverse 御大典記念 - Enthronement Commemorative 於野砲兵第五連隊 - In 5th Field Artillery Regiment 昭和三年十一月 - November 1928
  4. Sakai City Showa Enthronement Commemorative Watch Fob/堺市昭和参年御大典記念章

    Obverse 御大典記念 - Enthronement Commemorative 昭和参年 - 1928 reverse Emblem of Sakai City (堺市 /Sakai-shi/ is a city located in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. It has been one of the largest and most important seaports of Japan since the medieval era).
  5. 1928 Enthronement Ceremony Large Military Parade Attendance Commemorative Badge/大元帥陛下御親閲御即位大禮大観兵式参列記念章

    Obverse 萬歲 - Banzai reverse 大元帥陛下御親閲 - His Majesty Grand Marshal of the Japanese Empire Personal Inspection 御即位大禮 - Enthronement Ceremony 大観兵式 - Large Military Parade 参列記念章 - Attendance Commemorative Badge 昭和三年十二月二日於東京 - December 2, 1928 in Tokyo
  6. Imperial Military Reservist Association Showa Enthronement Watch Fobs/昭和三年章帝國在鄉軍人會御大典記念章
  7. Kawagoe Clock Commerce and Industry Association Showa Enthronement Watch Fob/川越時計商工合組 御大典記念章

    Obverse marked 純銀 - pure silver. Reverse 御大典記念 - Emperor Enthronement Commemorative 昭和三年十一月 - November 1928 Thanks to original case we know the name of issuer. 川越時計商工合組 - Kawagoe Clock Commerce and Industry Association
  8. Police Showa Enthronement Attendance Commemorative Badge/昭和参年拾壹月大禮奉仕記念章

    Obverse 大禮奉仕 記念章 - Showa Enthronement Attendance Commemorative Badge reverse 昭和参年拾壹月 - November 1928 Numerals 参/3, 拾/10 and 壹/1 are written in the old style. In banners 萬歲 - Banzai.
  9. Izumi Branch of Imperial Military Reservist Association Enthronement Commemorative Badge/帝国在郷軍人會出水分會大典記念章

    1928 enthronement commemorative badge from reservists association.