russian imperial orders

  1. Order of Saint Andrew the First Called awarded to 5th Duke of Richelieu in 1818

    Awarded to Armand-Emmanuel Sophie Septimanie de Vignerot du Plessis, 5th Duke of Richelieu and Fronsac on June 1, 1818. Gold, enamel. Size 98 x 56 mm. Mark.
  2. 4th class St.George Orders made by unknown St.Petersburg workshop in 1900s/1910s

    Crosses of this unknown manufacturer have quite peculiar iconography. 1st type of iconography. 4th class cross from the collection of Turku Museum Center. Gold, enamel. Size 42×37 mm. Marked with St.Petersburg gold assay mark "56" from 1908-1917 time period and unreadable maker mark...
  3. 3rd class St.George order from the flag pommel of 3rd Finnish Guards' Rifle Battalion

    Cross with iconography typical for Napoleonic wars . Gold, enamel. Height 47 mm (total height with the loop 60 mm); width 47 mm.
  4. 2nd class St.Stanislaus Order /АК/ of German chemist Friedrich Wilhelm Ostwald

    Badge. Breast star. Case. Friedrich Wilhelm Ostwald (2 September [O.S. 21 August] 1853 – 4 April 1932) was a Baltic German chemist and philosopher. Ostwald is credited with being one of the founders of the field of physical chemistry, with Jacobus Henricus van 't Hoff, Walther Nernst...
  5. Orders of St. Alexander Nevsky made by Albert Keibel workshop /AK/

    Albert Keibel was active between 1882 and 1906. Early set from 1882-1898 time period. Badge. Gold, enamel. Breast star.
  6. Breast star of the Order of St.George from the collection of Dresden Münzkabinett

    Gilded silver, enamel. Size 83.6 mm. Weight 48.45 g. Allegedly belong to the Hans Karl Friedrich Anton von Diebitsch
  7. Prinzen size breast star of the Order of St.George

    Gold, silver, enamel. Size 54 х 53.5 mm. Weight 14.42 g.
  8. 4th class St.George orders from Dubasov-Timachov-Sheremetev families

    Three interesting crosses. First cross. Gold, enamel. Unreadable marks. Hand engraved in Cyrillic "From wife". Second "prinzen" size cross. Gold, enamel. Marked ДО /DO/ and had engraved date "1896" between arms of the cross. Details...
  9. Orders of St. Alexander Nevsky made by Dmitri Osipov workshop /ДО/

    Dimond-cut breast star with crown. Silver, enamel. Marked ДО /DO/ + assay mark from 1882-1889 time period. Size 82 mm. Weight 73.2 g. Currently in the collection of State Historical Museum, Moscow. Marks.
  10. St. Alexander Nevsky with Diamonds for Non-Christians of Viscount Motono Ichiro

    Awarded on December 11, 1916. Height (with a ring) 60 mm. Width 53 mm. Weight 39.7 g. Cross was made by Saint Petersburg jeweler Carl Blank /Karl Blank; Карл Карлович Бланк/. Viscount Motono Ichirō (本野 一郎, March 23, 1862 – September 17, 1918) was a statesman and diplomat. Born on March...
  11. Converted embroidered breast stars of the Order of St Alexander Nevsky

    Interesting conversion (added silvered reverse plate with hinges suspension pins) of bullion kapitul-issued breast star. Circa 1830s/1840s. Size 83 mm. Similar breast stars could be found here...
  12. Orders of St. Alexander Nevsky made by Eduard /ИЛ or ВД/

    Iconography of 1st type "early painted medallions". Gold, enamel. Size 60.5 × 55 mm. Height (including suspension loop) 75 mm. Weight 32.15 g. Marked IL /ИЛ/, Eduard /Эдуардъ/ and St. Petersburg assay office gold hallmark from 1899-1904 time period "56, kokoshnik to the left, initials of the...
  13. Orders of St. Andrew and St. Alexander Nevsky of Marshal Joachim Murat

    Unmarked gold. Badge height 91 mm. Marshal of the Empire, Admiral of France, Grand Duke of Berg and future King of Naples was awarded with this badge at Tilsit on July 3, 1807.
  14. Orders of St. Andrew made by Keibel & Kammerer workshop /KK/

    Gold, enamel. Circa 1844. Presented to Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (future King Edward VII) by Emperor NIcholas I, 1844. Chain. Links.
  15. Order of St. Alexander Nevsky with diamonds from Hillwood collection

    Nice specimen. Gold, silver, enamel, diamonds Reverse of the pin bears number 82. Size 98 mm.
  16. Order of St. Alexander Nevsky with diamonds from Carl Blank workshop

    Badge marked with St. Petersburg gold assay mark 56 and CB mark for Carl Blank/Karl Blank workshop. Height 85 mm. Length 53 mm Weight 45.8 g. Breast star in unmarked gold. Numbered 107 on the other side of pin. Diameter 87 mm. Wright 125.8 g. Case and sash.
  17. 3rd class St. George order from the collection of State Historical Museum

    Gold, enamel. Size 44 × 41 mm. Weight 14.24 g.