original japanese ribbon bar

  1. Ribbon bar with the most unusual combination of Japanese, Russian, Romanian, Dannish and British awards

    Obviously three-place ribbon bar is the early one and six-place is the later one. 3-place ribbon bar: Imperial Russian St.Stanislaus Order, Romanian Cross of Faithful Service 1st class, Taisho Enthronement Commemorative medal 6-place ribbon bar: Imperial Russian St.Stanislaus Order (looks...
  2. Database of Original Japanese Ribbon Bars

    Officially established on September 17, 1918 by Cabinet Official Notice No 4. Original name 略綬/ Ryakuju/ lit. "Abbreviated Ribbon". Ribbon color, width and length. 綬色: 本綬に同じ。 綬幅: 本綬に同じ。但し、無綬又は大綬の勲章の場合は功三級勲三等の綬幅に同じ。 綬長: 曲尺三分