order of sacred treasure document

  1. Awards Documents of Vice Admiral Baron Yuzuru Hiraga

    Vice Admiral Baron Yuzuru Hiraga /平賀 譲; March 8, 1878 – February 17, 1943/ was a career naval officer in the Imperial Japanese Navy, Doctor of Engineering and head of the engineering school of Tokyo Imperial University and a leading Japanese naval architect in the 1910s and 1920s, responsible...
  2. 2nd class Order of Sacred Treasure awarded in 1940

    Exemplarity late (still signed by the Emperor Hirohito, after December 28, 1940 only 1st class documents will be signed by Emperor) for the 2nd class Sacred Treasure order. Issued on January 15, 1940 to 平岡儼 - Hitoshi Hiraoka. Watermarks.