martial arts award badge

  1. 1939 Arakawa Ward Youth League 3rd Martial Arts Tournament Award Watch Fob/1939年荒川區青年團第三回武道大會賞章

    Obverse 武 - Martial Arts /Budō/ reverse 昭和十二年五月二十三日 - May 23, 1937 第三回武道大會 - 3rd Martial Arts /Budō/ Tournament 荒川區青年團 - Arakawa Ward Youth League
  2. Kobe Branch of Imperial Military Reservist Association Martial Arts Award Badge/帝國在郷軍人會 神戸支部武術賞章

    Specimen from the collection of Raymond LaBar. Photos courtesy of the owner. Obverse 優勝 - Winner reverse 神戸支部 - Kobe Branch 武術賞 - Martial Arts Award Case. Paper wrapper. According to the paper wrapper badge was made by 安井徽章製作所 - Yasui Medal Works in Tokyo.