manchukuo medal bar

  1. Medal Bar of Manchukuo Prime Minister Zhang Jinghui

    Zhang Jinghui was born in Tai'an, southwest of Mukden, Liaoning Province. The area was a battlefield in the First Sino-Japanese War and he joined the Honghuzi irregular cavalry forces of the Manchurian warlord Zhang Zuolin at an early age. These forces were recruited as mercenaries by the...
  2. Medal Group of Manchukuo Prison Officer

    Sacred treasure marked M. In fact, most likely all three orders are marked with M.
  3. Medal Bar with Manchukuo National Census Commemorative Medal and Winner's Сurse

    It would be a pretty standard medal bar if not for this medal. Manchukuo National Census Commemorative Medal. A little bit "bloomed" but it happens. Original assembly.