клеймо и.о

  1. Orders of the Lion and Sun made by Ivan Vasilievich Osipov /И.О/ workshop

    5th class badge made in St.Petersburg somewhere around 1880s. Silver, gilt, enamel. Size 46 mm. Marked with St.Petersburg silver hallmark "84" and "I.O/И.О" for Ivan Osipov /Иван Васильевич Осипов - Ivan Vasilievich Osipov/.
  2. Orders of Saint Stanislaus made by Ivan Vasilievich Osipov /И.О/ workshop

    Orders of Saint Stanislaus with Imperial Crown made by Ivan Osipov https://asiamedals.info/threads/pri...f-saint-stanislaus-with-imperial-crown.26529/ Orders of Saint Stanislaus breast stars made by Ivan Osipov https://asiamedals.info/threads/ord...by-ivan-vasilievich-osipov-io-workshop.27370/...