japanese obidome

  1. Ceramic Obidome of Greater Japan National Defense Women's Association/大日本国防婦人会帯留め

    Ceramic. Size 15 mm. 大日本国防婦人會 - Greater Japan National Defense Women's Association
  2. Obidome with Army Star

    Unidentified women's patriotic association. No. 3589 Stamped number 3589. Marked 純銀 - pure silver. Original case stamped with number 3589 on the edge.
  3. Obidome of Nara Prefecture Widow Federation/奈良県未亡人連盟帯留

    Photo courtesy of the owner. Reverse 奈良県未亡人連盟 - Nara Prefecture Widow Federation
  4. Obidome of Women's Patriotic Association/愛國婦人会帯留め

    Reverse 愛国婦人会広島県支部 - Patriotic Women's Association Hiroshima Prefecture Branch 第三回総会記念 - 3rd General Assembly Commemorative Original case. Obidomes were manufactured by Yamagata Motobei workshop https://asiamedals.info/threads/history-badges-and-labels-of-yamagata-motobei-workshop.21252/