japanese medal bars

  1. Database of Original Japanese Medal Bars

    Details. Reverse of Rising Sun was damaged. Auspecious clouds. Medals.
  2. Japanese Medals Bars with Inner Mongolia National Foundation Merit Medal

    About the medal https://asiamedals.info/threads/mengjiang-autonomous-government-national-foundation-merit-medal.24586/ Nice start.
  3. Imperial Russia Medal Bars with Japanese Orders and Medals

    Interesting combination. Military attaché?
  4. Medals Bars of Boxer Rebellion Suppression Veterans

    Interesting construction of the medal hanger. Sacred treasure with "pink" ribbon.
  5. Japanese medal bars mounted "im deutschen Stil"

    It is well known fact that during its early days Imperial Japanese Army intensively oriented its organization along Prusso-German lines when building a modern fighting force from late 1870s to about early 1910s . From 1886 to April 1890, it hired German military advisors (Major Jakob Meckel...