japan self-defense forces badges

  1. JGSDF 3rd Engineer Brigade Award Watch Fob/第3施設団賞章

    Obverse 賞 - Award reverse 第 三施設団 - 3rd Engineer Brigade
  2. Maritime Self-Defense Force Student Honor Award Badge/海上自衛隊生徒優等賞章

    Obverse 賞 - Award reverse 優等賞 - Honor Award 海上自衛隊生徒 - Maritime Self-Defense Force Student
  3. Maritime Self-Defense Force Skill Test Honor Award Badge/海上自衛隊 技能検定優等賞徽章

    Obverse 海上自衛隊 - Maritime Self-Defense Force 技能検定優等賞 - Skill Test Honor Award reverse 平成12年度 - 2000 佐世保地方総監 - Sasebo Region Inspector General
  4. Martial Arts Watch Fob of Officer Candidate School/陸上自衛隊 幹部候補生学校章

    Reverse 陸上自衛隊 - Japan Ground Self-Defense Force 幹部候補生学校 - Officer Candidate School
  5. 7th Signal Battalion Commemoration of Enlistment Table Medal/第七通信大隊 在隊記念章

    Reverse 在隊記念 - Commemoration of Enlistment 第七通信大隊 - 7th Signal Battalion 東千歳 - JGSDF Camp Higashichitose 1975 Large (74 mm), thick (5.5 mm) and heavy (235 g).
  6. Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Officer Candidate School Commemorative Watch Fob/陸上自衛隊幹部学校二十周年記念章

    Obverse 二十周年記念 - 20th Anniversary Commemorative 昭和47年10月15日 - October 15, 1972 reverse 陸上自衛隊 - Japan Ground Self-Defense Force 幹部学校 - Officer Candidate School Case.
  7. 1st Infantry Regiment Award Watch Fob/陸上自衛隊 第1普通科連隊賞章

    Obverse 賞 - award reverse 陸上自衛隊 - Japan Ground Self-Defense Force 第1普通科連隊 - 1st Infantry Regiment Original case.
  8. 12th Infantry Regiment 3rd Battalion Award Watch Fob/第三大隊 第十二普通科連隊賞章

    Obverse 賞 - award reverse 第三大隊 - 3rd Battalion 第十二普通科連隊 -12th Infantry Regiment
  9. Shooting Badges made by Nagawa workshop

    About the manufacturer https://asiamedals.info/threads/badges-watch-fobs-and-plaquettes-made-by-nagawa-medal-works.23299/ 1st Shooting Match per District, 1953 Kanazawa Original case.
  10. 15th Infantry Regiment Meritorious Service Badge/第15普通科連隊 功績章

    Reverse 功績章 - Meritorious Service Badge 第15普通科連隊- 15th Infantry Regiment Original case.
  11. Yokosuka Naval District Distinguished Service Badges/横須賀地方隊顕功章

    1st class badge. 第一種顕功章 - 1st class badge 横須賀地方隊 - Yokosuka Naval District These badges were made by Nagawa workshop, Tokyo https://asiamedals.info/threads/badges-watch-fobs-and-plaquettes-made-by-nagawa-medal-works.23299/
  12. Fleet Air Force Commemorative Badge/航空集団記念章

    航空集団 - Fleet Air Force Original case. 記念章 - Commemorative Badge Made by Nagawa workshop, Tokyo https://asiamedals.info/threads/badges-watch-fobs-and-plaquettes-made-by-nagawa-medal-works.23299/
  13. Air Force Badge/航空集団章

    Reverse 航空集団 - Air Force Miniature. Original case. Golden Kite order ribbon. Made by Nagawa workshop https://asiamedals.info/threads/badges-watch-fobs-and-plaquettes-made-by-nagawa-medal-works.23299/
  14. Maritime Self-Defense Force 2nd Fleet Air Wing Award Badge/海上自衛隊 第2航空群 賞章

    Obverse 賞 - Award 2AW - 2nd Air Wing https://www.mod.go.jp/msdf/kuudan/2aw.html reverse 海上自衛隊 - Maritime Self-Defense Force 第2航空群 - 2nd Fleet Air Wing Award Badge
  15. Maritime Self-Defense Force Air Training Command Badges/海上自衛隊 航空教育集団章

    1st variant of obverse. 2nd variant. Reverse 航空教育集団- Air Training Command https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E8%88%AA%E7%A9%BA%E6%95%99%E8%82%B2%E9%9B%86%E5%9B%A3 Another example. Original case. Additional column 海上自衛隊 - Maritime Self-Defense Force Badges were manufactured by...
  16. 5th Brigade Award Wath Fob/第5師団長 三級賞詞章

    Obverse 第5師団長 - 5th Brigade Commander https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5th_Brigade_(Japan) https://www.mod.go.jp/gsdf/nae/5d/ 三級賞詞 - 3rd Grade Award Original case.