ivan osipov workshop

  1. Order of Saint Alexander Nevsky reduced breast star made by Ivan Osipov workshop /ИО/

    Silver, gold, enamel. Size 65.5 mm. Reverse marked with maker`s mark "ИО" for Ivan Vasilievich Osipov workshop /Иван Васильевич Осипов/ and scratch-engraved with the name "Aleksandrov".
  2. Orders of Saint Vladimir breast stars made by Ivan Vasilievich Osipov /И.О/ workshop

    Crosses of Saint Vladimir order made by Ivan Osipov /И.О or ИО/ https://asiamedals.info/threads/orders-of-saint-vladimir-made-by-ivan-vasilievich-osipov-i-o-workshop.26717 Breast star from 1860s time period. Silver, gold, enamel. Size 89 mm. Marked St. Petersburg assay office round mark "St...
  3. Orders of Saint Anna made by Ivan Vasilievich Osipov /И.О/ workshop

    1st class cross. Gold, enamel. Size 49x54 mm. Weight 20.12 g. Marked with gold hallmark "56" of St.Petersburg assay office and maker's mark "ИО/IO" for Иван Осипов /Ivan Osipov/. \
  4. Orders of Saint Stanislaus made by Ivan Vasilievich Osipov /И.О/ workshop

    Orders of Saint Stanislaus with Imperial Crown made by Ivan Osipov https://asiamedals.info/threads/pri...f-saint-stanislaus-with-imperial-crown.26529/ Orders of Saint Stanislaus breast stars made by Ivan Osipov https://asiamedals.info/threads/ord...by-ivan-vasilievich-osipov-io-workshop.27370/...