formosa (taiwan) under japanese rule

  1. Taiwan Police Association Award Watch Fob/臺灣警察協会賞章

    Obverse 賞 - Award reverse 臺灣警察協會 - Taiwan Police Association
  2. 1916 Taiwan Industry Promotion Exhibition Medals/台湾勧業共進会牌

    Some two decades after Japan took control of Taiwan, it held a Taiwan Industrial Exhibition from April 10 to May 15, 1916 to show off the results of twenty years of colonial rule in Taiwan. It also enabled them to sell commercial and agricultural products from Taiwan (as well as from Japan and...
  3. Taipei Senior High School Alumni Association 8th Anniversary Festival Watch Fob/1935年台北高等学校第八回記念祭学友会章

    Reverse 第八回記念祭 - 8th Anniversary Festival 台北高等学校 - Taipei Senior High School 学友會 - Alumni Association 二五九五 - 1935
  4. Suppression of Taiwan Barbarians Commemorative Watch Fob/振武台湾討蕃記念章

    Different watch fob with a same design of obverse Size 26 x 18 mm. Obverse 振武 = 神武 /Shinbu/ - "military might" or, in the narrow sense, "sublime martial moral power". The idea of shinbu embraces...
  5. Taiwan Extraordinary Censuses Taker’s Badges/臨時台湾戸口調査参加章
  6. 2nd Taiwan Extraordinary Household Census of 1915 Taker’s Badge/大正4年第二回臨時台湾戸口調査参加章

    As part of the emphasis placed on governmental control, the Japanese Colonial Government performed detailed censuses of Taiwan starting in 1905 Statistics showed a population growth rate of 0.988...
  7. 1905 Taiwan Extraordinary Household Census Taker’s Badge/明治38年臨時台湾戸口調査参加章

    See also In the early 20th century during Japanese rule, the Government-General of Taiwan started to build very thorough household registration records for both families and persons, like the...
  8. Takao Prefecture Award Watch Fob/高雄州賞章

    Obverse 賞 - Award 高 for 高雄 - Takao reverse 高雄州 - Takao Prefecture /Takao-shū/ was one of the administrative divisions of Taiwan during the Japanese rule. The prefecture consisted of modern-day Kaohsiung City and Pingtung County. Original case. 賞 - Award 高雄州 - Takao Prefecture
  9. Taipei City West Branch of Greater Japan National Defense Women's Association Badge/大日本國防婦人会台北市西分会章

    Specimen from the collection of National Museum of Taiwan History. Diameter 22 mm. Weight: 4.4 g. Obverse 台北市西分会 - Taipei City West Branch.
  10. Taiwan's 2nd Infantry Regiment 30th Commemorating the Acceptance of the Military Flag Watch Fob/台灣步兵第二聯隊軍旗拜受紀念章

    Size 31 mm. Weight 12 g. Obverse 軍旗拜受紀念 - Commemorating the Acceptance of the Military Standard 護國 - Country Protection 第三十回 - 30th [commemorative ceremony] 十一月七日 - November 7th reverse 皇紀二五九六年 - 1936 台灣步兵第二聯隊 - Taiwan's 2nd Infantry Regiment
  11. 1931 Award Medal from Tainan Prefecture/昭和六年台南州表彰章

    Obverse 表彰 - Award; Commendation reverse 昭和六年 - 1931 臺南州 - Tainan Prefecture Tainan Prefecture /臺南州 = 台南州 - Tainan-shū/ was one of the administrative divisions of Taiwan during the Japanese rule. The prefecture consisted of modern-day Tainan City, Chiayi City, Chiayi County and Yunlin County.
  12. Formosa (Taiwan) Under Japanese Rule