1. Fakes, Copies for the Collectors and Dubious Miniatures of St. Andrew the First Called order

    Originals https://asiamedals.info/threads/miniatures-of-the-order-of-st-andrew-the-first-called.22833/ Gilded silver. 25 mm (37 mm with ring) x 18 mm. Weight 5.8 g. Typical reverse of such rarity. Gilded silver. Size 29.5 (to top of crown) x 18.1 mm. Third one (this times with fake...
  2. Rising Sun Order Fakes and Replicas

    Fake 2nd class set. Made in China. A live classic, so to speak. Not that bad. Especially when compared to other fake rising suns currently available on the marked. Badge. Case (fake one of course).
  3. Fake "Central Bank of Manchukuo Tokens"/満洲中央銀行 トークン偽

    Another family of fantasy fakes. Obverse 航空資本發展資金 - Aviation Capital Exhibition Fund 満洲中央銀行 - Central Bank of Manchukuo 壹百圓 - 100 yuan
  4. Fake "Good Luck Flag" by "Digger&G.I."

    The earliest mention of this entrepreneurial activity can be find in australian book published in 1944. Jungle Warfare