badge of japanese women's patriotic association

  1. Women's Patriotic Association Men's Miniature Badge/愛國婦人会男子略章

    Reverse 男子略章 - Men's Miniature [abbreviated] Badge 愛国婦人會 - Women's Patriotic Association
  2. Women's Patriotic Association Girls' Group Badge/愛國婦人会少女団章

    Size 21 mm. Weight 4 g. Reverse 少女團 - Girls' Group/League 愛国婦人會 - Women's Patriotic Association
  3. Nagano Branch of Patriotic Women's Association 1st General Meeting Commemorative Badge/愛國婦人会長野支会第一回総会記念章

    Reverse 愛國婦人會 - Patriotic Women's Association 第一回総會記念 - 1st General Meeting Commemorative 長野支會 - Nagano Branch of Association
  4. Yamagata Branch of Women's Patriotic Association General Meeting Commemorative Badge/愛國婦人會山形支部総會紀念章

    Private collection. Photos courtesy of the owner. Original case. 愛國婦人會 - Patriotic Women's Association 山形支部 - Yamagata Branch 総會紀念 - General Meeting Commemorative Badges were manufactured in Yamagata City by Hachiya workshop. 山形市 - Yamagata City 蜂屋本店 - Hachiya Main Store
  5. Toshima Ward Branch of Women's Patriotic Association Group Leader Badge/愛國婦人会豊島区分会班長章

    愛國婦人會 - Women's Patriotic Association 豊島区分會 - Toshima Ward Branch of Association Ribbon stamped with two kanji 班長 - Group Leader
  6. Women's Patriotic Association 1904-1905 Russo-Japanese War Award Badge/愛國婦人会明治三十七八年日露戦役記念賞牌

    Gilded version. Gilded copper. Size 23 mm. Obverse Empress Shoken bas-relief reverse 明治三十七八年日露戦役 - 1904-1905 Russo-Japanese War 賞牌 - Award Badge [Plaque; Medal] 愛國婦人會 - Patriotic Women's Association Another example.
  7. 1904-1905 War Triumphant Return Celebration Komoro City Women's Association Commemorative Watch Fob/小諸婦人會祝凱旋明治三十七八年戦役記念章

    Reverse 明治三十七八年戦役記念 - 1904-1905 War Commemorative 祝凱旋 -Triumphant Return Celebration 小諸婦人會 - Komoro [city] Women's Association
  8. Special Supporter Member Badge of Women's Patriotic Association/愛国婦人會特別維持會員章

    1st variation manufactured by Gyokuhō workshop in Tokyo. Reverse 愛国婦人會 - Women's Patriotic Association 特別維持會員 - Special Supporter Member Original case. 愛国婦人會 - Women's Patriotic Association 特別維持會員章 - Special Supporter Member's Badge Stamped inside with Gyokuhō workshop stamp. 玉寶堂製...