akiba medals tokyo

  1. Japanese Police Award Badge/警察庁彰章

    Obverse Japanese police badge 彰 - Award; Commendation Case. Label of Akiba workshop
  2. Green Cross Traffic Safety Honor Badges made by Akiba workshop/緑十字交通栄誉章アキバ製造

    Gold green cross No.98. Reverse Marked Silver 社団法人 - Public Service Fundation 全日本交通安全協会 - All Japan Traffic Safety Association Punched number 98. Case. 交通栄誉章 - Traffic Honor Badge 緑十字金章 - Green Cross Gold Badge Label of Akiba workshop inside...
  3. East Asian Cultural and National Education Policy Committee Member Medal/日支化振興提携東亞文国教敍策委員会章

    Silver, enamel. Size 36.5 mm. Reverse (in Chinese) 日支化振興提携 - Japan-China Cultural Revitalization Support 皇紀二五九七年 - 1937 會同 - Assembly; Meeting 記念章 - Commemorative Medal/Badge 東亞文國教敍策委員會 - East Asian Cultural and National Education Policy Committee Member 純銀 - pure silver Ribbon.
  4. Training Horse Race Award Badges from Division Сommander/一般鍛錬馬競走 師團長賞章

    1940. 一般鍛錬馬競走 - General Training Horse Race 師團長賞 - Award from Сommander of Division 昭和十五年 - 1940 (year is punched)
  5. Red Merit Badges of Navy League/海軍協會紅色有功章

    1st variation made by Hattori workshop in pure silver. High quality hot enamel. Marked 純銀 - pure silver. Reverse reads 有功章 - Merit Badge 海軍協會 - Navy League Original case. 紅色有功章 - Red Merit Badge 服部時計店 謹製 - made by Hattori Watch Shop...
  6. 1930 National Youth League Delegate Highest Inspection Commemorative Badge/昭和五年十一月三日全国青年団代表御親閲記念章

    Obverse 御視閲記念 - Highest Inspection Commemorative Reverse 昭和五年十一月三日 - November 3, 1930 全国青年団代表 - National Youth League Representative/Delegate 御親閲記念章 - Highest Inspection Commemorative Badge Original case. 御親閲記念章 - Highest Inspection Commemorative Badge Another specimen. Bow most...